Laying new foundations for the future

In 2023 VetViva Richter GmbH, which is based in Austria, was founded as a 100 % subsidiary of Richter Pharma AG. With our many years of experience in the industry and our previous successes, VetViva will help us lay new foundations for the future.

As an internationally operating company that holds more than 700 medicinal product authorisations, we export our products to more than 50 countries worldwide and foster a close cooperation with veterinarians and long-standing distributors.

Fotocredit: Peter Baier
CEO Richter Pharma AG

Mag. Roland Huemer

“With the establishment of VetViva Richter GmbH and the new production facility we are investing 35 million Euro into increasing the supply capacity of veterinary medicinal products. With high-quality veterinary medicinal products ‘Made in Austria’ we are contributing to improving the quality of life and the availability of medicines for animal patients.”

f.l.t.r.: Managing Director Mag. Andreas Asamer, MBA & Managing Director Operations Dr. Bernd Follrich
Because we care

Managing Board
VetViva Richter GmbH

Dear customers,

everything we do here is focussed on you, the customer. That starts right from the product development stage, where we carefully align our medicines with product portfolios for selected indications. We really want to be the first choice for vets. Pinpoint accuracy and reliability are our watchwords when it comes to supplying our partners with our products, and they form the basis for all our partnerships. We want our customers to be inspired by - and gain the maximum benefit from - the technical expertise behind our product portfolios. With our expertise and committed staff, we can make an important contribution to increasing animal welfare, all the way from product development to product delivery.

Our Vision:
First choice in animal health for selected indications

Because we care
Because we care

Our Mission:

The value proposition to our customers is built on four central pillars:

  • We are convinced that every animal has the right to a dignified life, free from pain and suffering.
  • We achieve this goal by sustainable developing and manufacturing specialty animal healthcare solutions beyond generics. In doing so, we contribute to improving quality of life and access to medicines for animal patients.
  • We continuously challenge our processes to foster responsible consumption and production patterns.
  • At VetViva we place our customer at the center of our actions.


Our brand promise, the 4 guiding principles

Our Philosophy

Customer Centricity

Why do we focus our attention on our clients?

Because our mission is to respond to your exact needs to make your business a success.

For us, this means that we consider all of our actions from our customers’ point of view. This gives us the three guiding principles of VetViva Richter GmbH. They are a guide and also a standard for our day-to-day activities across all areas and functions along the entire value-added chain. Using these guiding principles, we orient our work to our customers and we

  • develop products and make these products available to them,
  • develop competence and share it with them,
  • and thus establish our market presence together with them.


With our many years of experience in the industry and our previous successes, VetViva will help us lay new foundations for the future.


Our Values

Our company’s values define our attitude and our day-to-day activities:

Because “Courage & Creative Drive”, “Loyalty & Responsibility”, “Appreciation & Clarity” are values that we live by together. Throughout VetViva and in the corporate group.

deeply rooted

History & milestones

Arising out of Richter Pharma AG, the subsidiary VetViva Richter GmbH can look back on a long tradition in the field of animal health. It is worthwhile to take a closer look at this exciting development into an international pharmaceutical company.

Because we care

Our aspiration: Towards a sustainable future

Our environment and a worthwhile future for the next generations are a priority for us. That is why we do everything we can to make an important contribution to society together with our employees, suppliers and customers by also setting ourselves the global aim of a sustainable and environmentally friendly development. In this regard it is particularly important to us to continue to further reduce the carbon footprint of our products and services. We achieve this by constantly questioning our consumption and production processes and optimising them in a sustainable manner.

By implementing these measures, we can ensure together that we can reduce CO2 emissions and become more environmentally friendly wherever this is possible and expedient. After all, we are convinced that the health of humans, animals and the environment are inextricably linked to one another and that we cannot simply view these individual areas in isolation. This is the only way we can do the things that are both right and important, now and in the future.

Ambitious goals*

Our program by 2025:

Reduction of our
CO2 emissions by
- 25 %
Reduction of waste by
- 10 %
Additional goals in employee protection, as well as good health and well-being for our employees
Continued expansion of support of regional & social projects

*) Based on selected SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations)


Facts & figures

Marketing Authorisations
Distribution partners worldwide

Memberships & partnerships


VetViva part of Access Vetmed

Access VetMed is the voice of the European industry for generics and veterinary medicinal products with added value that provides general information to a wider audience on the many advantages of generic veterinary medicinal products for animal health and society.

“As an EU industry organisation, we want to raise awareness about the generic and added-value veterinary medicines and their beneficial qualities – Availability, Convenience, Compliance, Efficacy, Safety, and Savings – that can be condensed into ACCESS. These features have a significant impact to animal health and well-being, which also directly contributes to human and environmental health,” states Dolores Cainzos, chair of Access VetMed.