Creating Business

Why can we guarantee that our clients will be successful?
Because our veterinary know-how is paired with a broad understanding of the market.

At VetViva, success is not a
one-way street.

That is why we always look at the market through the eyes of our customers in order to better understand local market conditions and individual requirements.

As a company with an international outlook, we work together with distribution partners all over the globe with whom we have built up a close and longstanding collaboration.

Customers in the centre!

In Austria, Bulgaria, Romania and Slovakia we distribute our products both via wholesalers and also directly to veterinarians. In these markets we concentrate on recognising the needs of the veterinarians and supporting them with our product portfolio and know-how. In doing so, we can maximise the therapeutic benefit offered by our VetViva products.

Furthermore, in these direct markets we supplement our own range of medicinal products with exclusive distribution products: In addition to medicinal products covering an even broader range of indications, this includes complementary feed and care products for companion animals, livestock and horses

Because we care

Dr. med. vet. Ignacio Lanza, MBA
Head of Sales

"The VetViva Team works proactively with the different stakeholders (Business partners and Veterinarians) to understand the needs of the market and adapt our offer accordingly, ensuring the availability of the right therapeutic tools that will lead to the successful treatment of the veterinary patient."


Become a VetViva distribution partner

In accordance with our guiding principle ‚ÄúCustomer Centricity‚ÄĚ, we put the focus on our customers. Together with our approximately 70 distribution partners, we strive to meet the needs of veterinarians in the best possible way. As an innovative developer and manufacturer of veterinary medicinal product portfolios, we have over 700 marketing authorisations in selected indications and export our products to more than 50 countries worldwide.

In the manufacture of our products in compliance with current European GMP specifications and also in our distribution partnerships, we focus on maximising the benefit for our customers, true to our slogan "Because we care". Together, we want to make a significant contribution to animal health by providing and continuously improving our product portfolio and create mutual success through a comprehensive understanding of the market.

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